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IONM and Surprise Billing Laws

While the “No Surprises Act” isn’t expected to go into effect until 2022, IONM companies that do not participate/contract with insurances companies need to be aware how the law may effect them. When then-President Trump signed a...

Hurdles to Improving Cash Flow

Hurdles to Improving Cash Flow

Why do I need help enrolling my providers in network with insurance companies? I mean, it’s only a matter of filling out a couple of forms for the insurance company, right? It may seem like it should be that easy, but in fact, provider enrollment has many steps. Each...

More Electronic Options for Patients and Providers

Some of our clients have mentioned that they are looking for more help in the patients collection arena. Totally understandable as more and more of your balances that are outstanding after 30 – 60 days are patient responsible. This could be worth up to 34% of the...

Don’t Subject Yourself to Costly Penalties

Don’t Subject Yourself to Costly Penalties

The OIG (Office of the Inspector General) is the main legal entity that comes after medical providers for violations of the Stark Law, Anti-Kickback Statute as well as others. Why do you care? The OIG has gotten more stringent on going after practitioners versus...

New E&M Coding For 2021

I have been asked by many providers if we have information on the new E&M coding for 2021. I have provided them with two pieces of information. I have added them here. Let me know if you have any questions. New E&M Changes for 2021 2021-EM-Quick-Reference

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