5 Ways a Health Practice Can Move Past The Competition Title Card

As important to the success of your practice as patient satisfaction is today, it is important to utilize the tools and technologies of the day to ensure satisfaction. Happy customers keep your schedule full and revenue flowing. Let’s look at some ways in which modern technology helps.

Modern Upgrades To Patient’s Appointments

1. Apply Data Analytics To See Patterns In Visitation

There is so much data available today that is easy to track almost anything and uncover patterns. Patient flow is one of the most important pieces of data you can utilize. Paying attention to how many patients visit daily, their preferred days to visit, your most frequent visitors, or even who is a first-time patient can give you plenty of information for managing your scheduling.

2. Enable As Many Channels For Scheduling As Possible

There is an almost limitless number of communication tools at your disposal today, and each one of your patients likely has a preferred method.  Allowing as many mediums as possible for your customers to reach you is important. Booking from the company website, social media communications, and phone communication are all necessary today.

3. Utilize Modern Communication Methods

On top of scheduling, there are a number of other facets of patient appointments that are improved or streamlined by modern technology. Modern communication methods allow you to automate updates and reminders to the patient. Automation helps to ensure adherence to prescription protocols and reduce no-shows. This, in turn, helps you to waste less time in your schedule.

Keeping good track of your data and maintaining good communication options will help you utilize a waiting list to fill in last-minute cancellations. This adds to the customer experience while keeping your schedule full. Missed appointments means lost time which means lost revenue, so it’s imperative to fill cancellations quickly.

4. Apply Data To Strategize A Patient Hierarchy

Not every patient’s level of need is the same. Understanding each patient’s needs can help prioritize appointments. Not every appointment needs to be a visit. In some situations, a phone call or telehealth visit may be enough. This allows time to be saved and in-person visits to be rationed for the patients with the most need.

5. Establish Patient Telemedicine Workflow, Including Education

When patients are spending less time in-house due to telemedicine, it becomes imperative to make sure nothing is slipping through the cracks. Making sure simple things like appointment reminders and web portal access are ensured before they can cause missed appointments or unprepared patients. Long times between appointments should trigger reminders and, more importantly, verification. As part of this system, basic education about the necessary technology and protocols should be part of the process.

In conclusion, it should be evident that staying abreast of modern technologies is necessary for a practice to keep customer satisfaction high and revenue flowing. Failure to do so can cost you valuable time and

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