Some of our clients have mentioned that they are looking for more help in the patients collection arena. Totally understandable as more and more of your balances that are outstanding after 30 – 60 days are patient responsible. This could be worth up to 34% of the total money due you.

Many larger (here I’m talking over 1,000 provider) organizations have started using an online patient portal to collect patient payments. Some patients want to talk to someone directly, some patients want to do it themselves at hours they can accommodate… not necessarily 9 – 5. And, of course, some patients want to still pay by cash or check. The good news is that we can help set up a patient portal on your website. And, if you don’t have a website, we can set up a patient portal that looks as though it is part of your website. This goes along with the credit card processing services that we already do, too.

I have also received comments from clients that they want to have more immediate access to patient balances. That also is a very easy fix. It can be handled in two different ways. You can use our scheduler, which will give you the current pertinent information or we can also give you access to your data base. Of course, we will maintain it and give you and your staff the education to easily use either option.

Our whole purpose is to make sure that you are paid everything you are owed and the patients appreciate the options you give them in order to pay them. When they appreciate, they pay what they owe much more quickly.

Sue A. Irwin, CHC, CHBME
Managing Partner, Medical Billing Authority, LLC.