A very interesting article just crossed my desk.  It stated that 33% of hospital execs will select an RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) company.  As Medicare, Medicare Advantage and several commercial carriers are not reimbursing for it, it is a win/win.

Win 1:  Patients get to use “senior-friendly” technology that is simple and efficient.  The information is forwarded to the doctor and the doctor gets much earlier warnings if the patient is starting to have issues.  As we all know, that means better treatment for the patient and essentially healthier patients.

Win 2:  Providers get to be reimbursed for this service, pretty well, AND they will be “seeing” more patients.  With Covid still going on and on…. This is a safe way to treat many patients.  Now, when Covid is no longer the main thing in healthcare, it will be a safer way to treat those patients who have a huge challenge just getting around.  Transportation to the doctor’s office can be a huge impediment to seeking treatment when needed.

I have interviewed one RPM company and I’m very satisfied with their product.  BUT, I do highly suggest that providers help their patients and themselves by incorporating RPM into their practice.